Organize Series and WordPress 2.6

Just thought I’d put up a quick post to let folks know I am aware of the issues/bugs with Organize Series in the newly released version of WordPress.  Unfortunately they are pretty major bugs and I will not be able to push out an update to Organize Series anytime soon.  I just don’t have the time.  To the impatient folk: I use Organize Series pretty extensively myself on my various blogs so I understand the pain this creates.  I’m forced to hold off on upgrading my own WordPress installs until I can update Organize Series so ideally I’d like to get this fix done sooner rather than later but it just isn’t going to happen.


    The problem lies in orgSeries.php
    function series_organize_options
    line 161,163,166 (might not be exact)

    replace SERIES_LOC with SERIES_DIR . ‘/’

    That will fix the links.
    I’m trying to see what happens with the revisions and all.


    This fix doesn’t work retroactive.
    That means that if you have 5 revisions and 2 posts in a series.. the next post will be numbered 8th in the series…

    But.. after putting this fix, no revision should be numbered as part of the series, and thus the series will keep numbering posts the right way. No guarantees though.

    File series-taxonomy.php
    function wp_set_post_series

    line 385,
    after $post_ID = (int) $post_ID;

    $post = get_post($post_ID);
    if ($post->post_type == ‘revision’){

  3. I just discovered this plugin and I feel great and very useful. But I do not understand English (I am using the Google translator to write this), let alone understand PHP, so I find it very difficult to translate.
    Is there any possibility that is translated into Spanish in the future? Or is there someone who has already translated?

    Thank you very much.

  4. I just found your plugin and I am saddened that it’s not working in 2.6 but I do look forward to seeing an update to it when you get a chance. It seems like exactly the kind of plugin I should have started using a long time ago!

    Great work! It seems like WP2.6 has cause nothing but problems for me, there’s a bug in the uploads now which is quite a pain for a client of mine! Oh well.

  5. I was looking into the bugs with Organize Series and I found a few solutions. I figure I might share them with y’all:

    Updates ==============================

    Line #64 – orgSeries.php

    $org_series_loc = get_option(‘siteurl’) . ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ . $org_dir_name . ‘/’;
    $org_series_loc = ‘?page=’ . $org_dir_name . ‘/’;

    Line #365 – orgSeries-options-new.php UPDATE FOR SCREEN SIZE 1024 x 768



    Along with Andrei’s Revision fix (above):

    Since I only created one series, and added 3 entries I can uninstall or re-allocate the entries/series and have a fresh start which, as far as my testing has show works great.

    I’ve worked out some of the MySQL queries necessary to “clean-up” the problems with revisions prior to Andrei’s revision fix, if you are interested please contact me. It’s not a full clean-up script, just some mapped out queries.

  6. wow! great to see the community of orgSeries users volunteer some suggestions for fixes. Makes me feel guilty I’m not able to devote the time I want to to get a new version out.

  7. Great plugin. Looking for the update.

    Feature request:
    I write a series that unfolds over a few days.
    When 1 article publishes, 1 of 1.
    When scheduled article 2 publishes, 2 of 2.

    Right now,
    It shows one of 4, even through 2-4 are scheduled in the future and people can click on the links to see the scheduled post.

    Thanks for thinking about it.

  8. Darren, with those changes I got this plugin running pretty well in WP 2.6

    I’m actually working on integrating a search categories plug that pulls up related categories in searches to bring up tags and series. This really is a great piece of work you have here 🙂

  9. chris w: I had the same issue. I wrote a solution for it here.

    Basically, you open “series-utility.php” and change around line 250 to add three lines.

    Change this:

    foreach ($posts as $spost) {
    if (array_key_exists('object_id', $posts)) {
    $spost_id = $spost['object_id'];
    } else {
    $spost_id = $spost;

    if ($skip && $spost_id == $postid) continue;
    $currentpart = get_post_meta($spost_id, SERIES_PART_KEY, true);
    $series_posts[$key]['id'] = $spost_id;
    $series_posts[$key]['part'] = $currentpart;

    To this:

    foreach ($posts as $spost) {
    if (array_key_exists('object_id', $posts)) {
    $spost_id = $spost['object_id'];
    } else {
    $spost_id = $spost;

    if ($skip && $spost_id == $postid) continue;
    $post = get_post($spost_id);
    if ($post->post_status == "publish") {
    $currentpart = get_post_meta($spost_id, SERIES_PART_KEY, true);
    $series_posts[$key]['id'] = $spost_id;
    $series_posts[$key]['part'] = $currentpart;

    Hopefully the HTML in this comment will format correctly!

  10. Chris thanks for the work on that issue. When I get around to updated orgSeries I’ll check out and include this fix. Great stuff!

  11. I’ve made the adjustments noted. Links work, pages load, but when I add a new series, and the first story of it, I can’t get it to save the story as part of the series. Over and over it returns to “not part of a series.”

    Any thoughts?

  12. Hi Darren,

    Great plugin. Pity about the 2.6 quirks.

    I have made all the adjustments noted on the comments on your site here, and so far so good, although I haven’t tested it thoroughly.

    May I suggest that you implement the suggested changes quickly (took me less than 10 minutes) and publish a 2.0.8 beta 1? That way, everyone here who is enthusiastic could be harnessed to test and hopefully roll out a WP 2.6.1 compatible version of OS.

    I would also suggest that you make this available *in addition* to the older 2.0.7 version, so that there is still a production version in the wild (and mention in your article that 2.0.7 is compatible UP TO 2.6, but not including 2.6).

    Keep up the great work! 🙂



  13. @Matt:
    Thanks for the great comments. I believe that I am one of many who are having trouble making the edits work. It looks like this is a better program but I am about to use in-series instead since it does work.
    Perhaps if someone would place a working copy online and let us try it, we could get going with this program.
    On the other hand, if the current situation is a precursor of the future, I probably don’t want to get started using a program that will not be updated with WP updates.

  14. @Matt:
    Excellent suggestions – although you are correct it would only take a few minutes to implement the changes that have been suggested so far it would still take longer for me to do preliminary testing (even for a beta).

    @Ray and others:
    I’m sorry I haven’t been active in releasing updates to orgSeries with the new version of WordPress. Two factors contribute to this delay (well three actually):

    1. This isn’t a full-time job.
      I really developed orgSeries for my own uses – I just decided to make it available to WordPress users as a way of contributing back to the community. This means that releases don’t always get out as quick as they could because I simply cannot always spend the time on it
    2. For the past 4-5months I’ve been in the midst of a pretty major transition in my job.
      Between commuting and now moving my “leisure” time has dwindled to very little. I’m hoping that after August I’ll be able to resume my WordPress activity but no promises.
    3. I finished a major overhaul of OrgSeries to bring it up to date for the BIG CHANGES with WordPress 2.5 and then one version later, WordPress 2.6 introduces another major feature that breaks what I had developed (revisions). I’m not placing the blame for my tardiness on WordPress (it could be a testament to how I coded orgSeries) but still, having to do major fixes after a single version change of the WordPress core makes for delayed work on my part.

    Hope that answers some concerns regarding the release of the next version of OrgSeries. Of course, I’d wouldn’t mind at all if someone else released a patched version of OrgSeries on their own…

  15. Hey Darren,

    Please don’t misunderstand. We all very much appreciate that you give this software away out of the goodness of your heart.

    All I’m suggesting is that you defray some of the work away from yourself a little by getting this enthusiastic little community to beta test the “new version” for you.

    I’d be more than happy to send you a ZIP file with the modified version of Organize Series in it if you’re willing to post it as “2.0.8 beta 1” (or similar) and write a little post about it when you have time.

    Then, the enthusiastic folks in this community (particularly those with more than just a little PHP knowledge) could test it out for you – at least it would save you coding and testing what may well be the 2.6 compatible version.

    So far, so good for me … but I haven’t put it through its paces yet.

    What I can tell you is that by implementing the changes, it’s fixed the obvious issues I was having “out of the box” with the admin navigation and revisions. Those would be the 2 biggest “show stoppers” for most people, I would think.

    No doubt more bugs will come out as with any good software development process … but these days, I think it’s prudent to let your community do the beta testing.

    Hit me up via email and I will happily send you the ZIP for your perusal and/or posting.

    All the best,


  16. Yes, What Matt Said. open source. Let others help you!
    It’s a great plugin, and I’m working on a site that really needs it!

  17. @Ray,

    Last I checked, In-Series was abandonware. Has this changed?

    In any case, I’ve asked Darren to consider posting the ZIP on his blog … we’ll wait and see if that fits with his vision of how to get the next version out.

    I don’t think there’s any suggestion that OrgSeries will become abandonware, I just think we all get busy and Darren is going through one of those situations right now.

    Hang in there, Ray. 😀



  18. No. In-series has been picked up by Travis Snoozy and the newest version rivals OrgSeries in features. There were a series of posts here between the two developers comparing the programs. They are pretty similar except that in-series has been updated and works with WP 2.6.1. I have now installed it and will try it out. If something doesn’t happen here very quickly, I will just use in-series.

  19. @Ray,

    As best I can tell from the RemState website (which I presume is the site you’re referring to?), Travis has abandoned development on In-Series. If you know different, by all means post the link here, as I’d be interested to compare apples with apples.

    OTOH, for those of you waiting on the 2.6.1 compatible release, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve sent my modified version of orgSeries code to Darren for review. Basically, I just implemented all the recommendations on the comments here and it seems to work.

    I haven’t tested it thoroughly, and I think Darren is contemplating releasing it as a “beta” for the next version. Guess you’ll have to wait and see. 🙂



  20. @Matt: (re: in-series)
    I did not see travis’ resignation anywhere on the site or in the forums. His last support note in the forums seems to be Jul 22nd. In one forum he expressed the frustration of frequent changes in WP but I read nothing of his abandoning the project. OTOH, he stopped producing beta releases in March. Go figure…

  21. @Ray (in-series): See Travis’ announcement here

    @Matt: thanks for the file (see next)

    @all: Matt has sent me his file and I’d like to check it out and get it published as a beta. Unfortunately I don’t have internet access at my new residence until September 8th so don’t expect any “beta” release or other updates until after that date. I can’t work on orgSeries at work and I’m posting this during my break.

    The stuff that I’ve been going through the last 4 months related to transitioning to my new job (commuting, house searching etc.) is starting to wrap up SOO…I’ll hopefully be able to resume my work on OrgSeries after September 8th. Thanks for your patience (and for the great community contributions!) I’ll get back to orgSeries as soon as I can. By the way, as I stated in this post – I use orgSeries myself and have delayed upgrading my blogs because of the incompatibility issues…I want orgSeries upgraded too!

  22. @ Ummo:
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to your inquiries. My plans are to add in localization to orgSeries with the next major version release – then all I’ll need is translators to get it in various languages!

  23. then all I’ll need is translators to get it in various languages!

    You called? 😛

    Well, if you would need a translation in Italian I can give you my availability…

    Anyway I’m looking forward to see a new WP 2.6-compliant version of OrgSeries coming out, because I’m delaying the upgrade of my blog(s) for this too 😛

  24. Sooooo good to see you back!! Hope your trip worked out as well as you had hoped it would.

    You certainly have more than this plugin to take care of in your life, but that is what happens when you craft a master piece – the world wants it!! That just goes to show you that no good deed goes unpunished.

    Will be glued to the screen until I see your next release.

  25. @Matt

    You had a zipped ‘working’ solution for the plugin, and I wondered if I could get a copy of that. I am concerned about what challenges Darren is facing and don’t want to bug him. But also, I am stuck with my work which calls for page-serialization in order to go forward. I have 2.6 and want to upgrade only when any release or fix to organize series calls for that. My mail is eweber at I sure would appreciate your help, Matt.

  26. @ Matt
    Hi Matt,
    I also wanted to ask you for your help bysending me a copy of the working plugin for 2.6.
    It would help me a lot. I am waiting to publish my next series for weeks now, and I really hope that you can help me to go go forward. 😉
    Thanks a lot! My e-Mail: innsbrooklyn [at]

  27. I too would love a copy of the working OrgSer plugin, Matt, otherwise I’m going to be forced to abandon my project!
    my mail is sproke at ordinarylife dot co dot nz (the same ending as my website)
    Thanks very very much
    Sproke :0)

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