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  1. Hmm – If you don’t want the series navigation strip inserted automatically then simply remove %postcontent% from the template.

    Okay, for Series Post Navigation Template I changed %postcontent%Series Navigation%previous_post%%next_post%
    Series Navigation%previous_post%%next_post%

    Isn’t that what you are suggesting? All that did was delete the post content (which makes sense). In fact, I changed the entry on the options page to ONLY contain %postcontent% and that eliminated the series navigation strip.

    1. {embarrassed} I can’t believe this has been up for almost a year without me noticing that. Thanks for pointing this out Steve – I’ll fix the post to correct that *obvious* error.

  2. wp_series_nav() doesn't seem to work?

    Here's my line of Code …
    php echo wp_series_nav('', TRUE, FALSE, TRUE);

    Nothing shows up. If i plug in the series id (65) for the first argument, then it does show up. Isnt the function supposed to get it automatically without me telling it?

    1. I get the same issue. Did you ever end up resolving this? If so could you tell me how you went about it?


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Series Options Page: Series Post List Template

Series Options Page: Series Post List Template