Evolution of Organize Series

Well folks, if you are a user of the Organize Series WordPress plugin you know the cats out of the bag.  Organize Series 2.2 has finally been released.  This release marks some HUGE changes with Organize Series and I wanted to use this post to highlight some of the major ones.

  1. OrganizeSeries.com -> YES!  Organize Series now has its very own website.  One of the reasons this release has been such a long time coming is because of the development work I’ve been doing on the new home for Organize Series.  Going forward.  Everything organize series related will be found on its own website.
  2. Neurotic Forums shutdown:  With the switch over to the new website I’m shutting down the support forums here and moving everything organize series related over to the new website.  For a few weeks yet I’m going to leave some things up and point them to the new website so people coming her on searches and whatnot will be able to find their way there.
  3. Paid Support:  The core Organize Series will continue to be free and that will not change anytime in the forseeable future.  However, because my time has become such a valuable commodity I can no longer offer free support.  I’m excited about the potential this creates though because with the new Basic Support package users will get access to a growing library of support docs and the brand new Private Support Forums (accessible only to those with a Basic Support status).  If you have any bug reports feel free to post them on the WordPress Support forums or you can use the contact form to get in touch with me.
  4. ADDONS!  One of the things I’ve regretted not being able to do is spend time on adding new features to Organize Series that users have requested.  With the changes I’ve started to develop premium addons for Organize Series that will provide some of the extra capabilities that people have been asking for.  On OrganizeSeries.com you can pay for these addons individually or take advantage of the “All-Addons” package or “Lifetime” package for access to all the addons that get released.  Currently, there are two addons that have been released.
    • Organize Series Publisher: This was originally bundled with earlier versions of Organize Series but has been unbundled as an addon.  It is still free and available either on OrganizeSeries.com or WordPress extend
    • Organize Series Grouping:  This is the first premium addon to be released that provides the ability to group series together.
    • There are still 3 more premium addons waiting in the wings for release.  I’m just finishing polishing them up and you’ll probably see them start to appear in the next couple of weeks.

I want to take the time to express appreciation to all the existing users of Organize Series.  Your kind comments (and awesome implementations) contribute to keeping Organize Series alive.  I hope you enjoy all the new stuff!

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