Can you contain all this?

Take a look at this amazing fact sheet about the data/information flowing through the internet in one day:

A Day in the Internet

[Online Education via Gizmodo]

Pretty huge eh?  Our minds just can’t grasp that amount of data that is flowing through the internets every day!  But God can.  In fact not only can God process all that information – he can understand all that information.  Sometimes I think my brain is going to blow up when I take a look at the feeds in my Google reader.

Here’s the amazing thing.  God not only knows all that information but he also knows each one of us individually.  We’re not data.  We’re not another byte.  We’re His. He knows your voice, He knows my voice.  That is amazing!

O Lord , you have examined my heart
and know everything about me…    (Psalm 139:1)

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