Church and “Socialnomics” – some questions

Apparently this video that I’m about to show you has been around for a bit – but in case you haven’t seen it I’m posting it here.  Basically this video does a good job of presenting the case that new social media online wave is more than a fad.  It’s interesting to see how important social media is becoming to businesses and organizations and yet I wonder if it’s something churches are getting yet?  Here’s some other questions I have:

  • How much of this social media wave applies to the Canadian context?
  • Let’s get more specific, how much of this applies to the Canadian church context?  My preliminary observation is that for the most part Canadian churches aren’t getting on board the social media bandwagon as quick as their American counterparts.  Is this a valid observation?
  • Does it matter?  I think, yes.  Why?  The social cloud presents a new “mission field” for us to enter into.  This really raises the question of how much the church “gets” this mission field or just sees it as another “threat” to the status quo.  To me, it’s a mission field.
  • How prepared is the church (or any organization for that matter) to engage with this new medium of communication?  With that comes the question of how much investment (primarily of time)  is required to be prepared?  Are we making that investment?

Lot’s of questions, and still working through some possible answers. Still, I’m convinced that the church (and specifically the Canadian church) needs to be considering what their presence in the social media is going to be.  We’re working through exploring that at WPA (my church) right now.  Do you have some answers to these questions?  What are your thoughts?

Here’s the vid:

Oh, and thanks to Kem Meyer for inspiring this post.

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