Organize Series 2.1.6

There was a major bug reported today that I was able to reproduce and I quickly got a fix together (can’t believe I missed it!).  I also slipped in a minor new feature so that users can choose to NOT have a backslash after the seriestoc url (see request here).  That is all.

  1. Darren, I don't know if it's your fault or mine, but the URLs to my series icons are messed up. Instead of they have been changed to When I go to the Manage Series tab under Posts, I reset the URL by choosing the icon again from the media library. But then it just appends the correct URL to the wrong URL. I don't know how to fix this. My site layout depends on the series icon being there. Otherwise, the post paragraphs are sucked upwards by 50px into the post meta area. Really hoping to fix this. WP 2.8.6 OS 2.1.6
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