Things I like about my country (Happy Canada Day)

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Well today is Canada Day and even though I think I’m a pseudo-American (my birthday is on July 4th) I was born here and am really grateful for my roots in this country.  Here’s some reasons why I’m glad I’m a Canadian.

  • Freedom. Even though there are some trends that are a bit unsettling I still have the freedom to write what I want on this blog and publicly profess my faith.
  • Security. Relatively speaking – I feel pretty safe here.
  • Free Health Care. It has its faults of course and still needs some work (it’s also kind of not free because our taxes pay for it) but I can go to the hospital or my doctor and not worry about how much it’s going to cost me.  That’s nice.
  • Hockey.  Our hockey teams/players rule.  ‘nough said.
  • Travel Perks.  It’s kind of cool that wherever I go in the world people are really receptive to the fact I’m a Canadian.  Just being a resident of Canada gives you a sort of “special recognition” (probaby due to the friendly role Canada plays on the foreign relations scene).
  • Beautiful Nature. Canada has been blessed with an awesome natural beauty that is world-renown.  I’ve been able to enjoy some of my country near where I live but I hope to get out West and out East sometime to see the rest!  Oh, and there’s so much open space in Canada!

Well, that’s a shortlist of stuff I can think of right away.  With more thought I’m sure I’d come up with more but this is all I have time for right now.  Anybody else have some things to add?  Why don’t you start your own list of things you love about your country?

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