Thoughts on Sunday (March 15, 2009)

This past weekend was BUSY!  But so much fun!  Saturday night Ker (my wife) and I joined a group of couples at the church to watch the movie “Fireproof”  Wow!  What an amazing movie and what a challenge for married couples!  I’m so excited about showing this movie on March 29th for the evening service at WPA.  If you haven’t seen it and you live in the Waterloo, Ontario area you’ve GOT to come and see this movie!

Sunday I spoke in both services and shared a two part series entitled “Holy Desperation” based on Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled”.   Here’s some reflection on Sunday…

  • I don’t think we really know what it’s like to be desperate in North America.
  • To “hunger and thirst” doesn’t just talk about a passive desire but a desperate longing.
  • Holy Desperation puts us in the path of encountering and dwelling in God’s presence!  Me, I want to cultivate that desperate pursuit of him.  Not a wild-eyed, but a wide-eyed desperation.
  • “The key to will power is want-power!” If you really WANT something then you’ll find the will power to get there!!!
  • People stood up all over the place during the morning service when I asked who was hungering and thirsting after God and who wanted that fire fanned into flame!  AWESOME!
  • After the first morning service there were some people that came forward for prayer including a man who wanted to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour!!!  AWESOME!  But you know what was really cool?  I asked him what led him to this decision and he mentioned it was because of the difference he saw in his friends life – the friend that brought him up to the front.  You could see his friend beaming and tearing up when I prayed together with this man.  WOW!  That’ll never get old!
  • After the second morning service I was approached by a man who stated he was an open-minded Muslim who attended our church this morning.  Apparently he was offended by my referencing the difference between Christianity and other religions (including Buddhism and Islam).  My exact words were:

Once more, here is the distinction between Christianity and all other religions. At the heart of every religion there is a major figure. With Buddhism it is Buddha. With Islam there is Mohammed. With Hinduism it is Krishna. And with Christianity it is Jesus Christ. That’s where the comparison ends. If you ask adherents of these other faiths where you find salvation, they point to a way of living. A Muslim will not point you to Mohammed. He will point you to the Koran. It is not Buddha who delivers you, it is his “noble Truths” that instruct you.

By contrast, Jesus not only taught the truth, He said He is the Truth. He didn’t just point the way to salvation; He said He is the Way. That’s why for a Christian it is not a way of living, it is Him living in and through us!

  • Apparently the muslim gentleman thought I was bashing his religion and should be focusing on sharing more about Jesus than “how Christianity is superior to other religions”…does what I said come across the way he’s claiming?  My point was that Chrisitianity is more than a religion it is all about a relationship.  Jesus makes it possible for us to have a relationship with God and our salvation doesn’t come from what we do but what He has done… Nevertheless I heard this man out and we parted amicably with him urging me not to talk about other relgions…interesting conversation!  I pray in his openness to other faiths that he will hear the Holy Spirit drawing him to Christ 🙂
  • Sunday night the praise time was incredible!  By the time it came for me to deliver the message I was so READY to share it!  WPA is so blessed to have gifted and talented musicians to lead us in praise!  It was so encouraging to see so many people stay after service was officially “done” to linger and seek God together!
  • Unfortunately, the Sunday evening message didn’t get recorded. I haven’t decided yet whether I will record it “in studio” so Part two is available.  It’s not the same as a live recording soo…we’ll see.
  • If any WPA folks are reading this entry…is there anything you’ve changed this week or are doing this week because of how you were challenged on Sunday?  Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear!

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