What inspires you to write more often in your blog?

It’s kind of timely that just over a week after launching my new theme on UnfoldingNeurons.com with a desire to write more posts I come across two great articles talking about how to be inspired to write.

John Saddington wrote 10 Types of Blog Posts That Helped Me Blog 3 Times a Day for a Year. I had the privilege of meeting John at the ChurchCrunch one year birthday party before a conference I recently attended.  He’s fairly new to the blogging scene but let me tell you as a blogger he has come a long way in a short period of time.  In the words of Micheal Hyatt at the party, “I’ve never seen a more productive person”.  So, this article quickly caught my eye.  If such a busy person as John can blog so frequently, so consistently – how does he do it?  Here’s some of the types of blog posts that stood out to me as things I could do very easily here:

  • Date Specific – picking a day to do a regular systematic themed post (i.e. desktop of the week etc.). Not sure how I’m going to do this yet (or what theme/topic I’d do) but it is something I could do.
  • The Super Simple Post – Things that have been appearing among a few blogs that I read is something called “Caption Please” where a picture is posted and an invitation is given for readers to leave what they think the caption should be in the comments.  I think “The Super Simple Post” can just be links you find or great quotes as well.  Another super simple post that I use is my weekly twitter digest.  Every Sunday my blog will pull all the tweets I made in the past week and automatically publish them as a digest post.  The only danger with this is if you don’t write for a while it really makes your blog look stale and artificial.
  • The Series Posts – Splitting up a long post into shorter chunks as a part of a series.  This is actually a technique I’ve already used here and one of the reasons I wrote my Organize Series Plugin for WordPress because it makes this a lot easier to do.
  • Guest Posts – Maybe someday I’ll invite people to be a guest writer here on Unfolding Neurons.  I think its better suited to niche type blogs that are more focused on certain topics than Unfolding Neurons is. Nevertheless, I’m sure I could invite people to write a post fitting into one of UnfoldingNeurons.com’s meta categories.
  • Humor or Satire Posts.  Those who know me know that my humor is rather dry.  I  find it hard to write humorously because I’m so flipping choosy about my words (woops did that slip out?)…

Go on and check out the full article for all of the different types of posts John makes on ChurchCrunch.

The other blog post I came across today written by Diana Adams for the Bit Rebels blog.  Her post titled, Get Inspired to Update Your Blog! has 7 helpful hints for writing and posting more frequently.  Here’s a few:

  • Start your love affair with words – get excited about the different words and combinations of words that you can use to evoke a masterpiece.  I agree with her that there is magic (I’d call power) in words.
  • Remember your why. This, I think is key.  If you can’t articulate why you’re blogging then its very hard to be inspired to write.  It’s kind of similar to something Jon Acuff said at the recent “Off the Blogs session” I attended at the Catalyst Labs event, “Don’t blog unless you have a story to tell” (paraphrased).  In other words, if you don’t have anything to say then you won’t know what to write.
  • Every post doesn’t have to be profound.  You don’t have to have something that the world is going to stop over.   It is the profound posts that take ages to write.  This is where I get stuck on quite frequently.  I set out to write a short post on something and end up writing an essay – oh, I’m such a profound guy…

Again, jump to her post for the rest of the goods.

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