A tribute to my sister

On the evening of April 5th, 2022, my sister made her journey from this life to the next. My heart is heavy and full of grief. Still. Writing this has been cathartic. I’ve started and stopped many times over the past few months. Often weeping. It’s my attempt to honour her memory and ease the […]

Transferred to WordPress.com

With the successful transfer of ownership of Organize Series, and less time to manage my Digital Ocean droplet for my blog, I decided to transfer hosting of unfoldingneurons.com to WordPress.com. Besides removing the need for me to maintain a server, this also allows me to experience the best work my colleagues do and experience all […]

WordPress Data: Registry

This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series, A Practical Overview of the @wordpress/data API

At various places so far in this series, you would have seen me use phrases like: “registered store within the current registry” “current registry dispatch” or “current registry select” I’ve also mentioned that I’d get to this mysterious “registry” reference later in the series. Well, here we are! What problem does the Registry solve? As […]

WordPress Data Store Properties: Action Creator Generators

This entry is part 9 of 15 in the series, A Practical Overview of the @wordpress/data API

Now we have a resolver for asynchronously getting products via a REST api endpoint, we have some action creators, and we have a selector.  We haven’t got to the reducer yet, but before we get to it, let’s consider another problem we haven’t addressed yet.  When we update or create a product using our ui, […]

What is WordPress Data?

This entry is part 2 of 15 in the series, A Practical Overview of the @wordpress/data API

The WordPress data module (or package) is a critical component of the new WordPress Editor as demonstrated by it’s implementation in (at the time of writing) 7 other WordPress packages: @wordpress/block-directory registers a store with the core/block-directory namespace. @wordpress/block-editor registers a store with the core/block-editor namespace. @wordpress/blocks registers a store with the core/blocks namespace. @wordpress/core-data […]

WordPress Data Store Properties: Reducer

This entry is part 10 of 15 in the series, A Practical Overview of the @wordpress/data API

In the exploration through wp.data, we’ve already created the necessary properties needed to register the custom products store for our example app. This includes, action creators, selectors, controls, and resolvers. Now it’s time to get to the last property we need for registering our store, and that’s the reducer. The reducer is arguably the most […]

WordPress Data Store Properties: Resolvers

This entry is part 8 of 15 in the series, A Practical Overview of the @wordpress/data API

Before we took our side detour into learning about the controls property, I mentioned that since we now have a selector for getting products, it’d be good to implement a way to retrieve the products from the server. This is where resolvers come in. Let’s get started by creating a resolver for retrieving products. If […]