Article Find – “Israel, the Canary in the Coal Mines”

In this article, Harry Antonides writes about the flaws that exist in the news reporting that takes place in the Middle East. His premise is that predisposed bias of western news agencies of secularism (there is no God), moral relativism (there is no truth), and tolerance (multi-cuturalism) has a profound affect on the prevailing opinion of the state of Israel in the hostile Arab/Muslim world of the Mid-East. He highlights that for the most part, western media covering the events taking place are overly pliant and willing to do “soft” reporting of the happenings which often means a failure to correctly report the facts and truth of terrorist vs. Israel military actions.

When reading an article like Harry’s one can’t help but see the focused efforts of militant terrorists to use the west’s own media as a form of propaganda machine to soften resistance to their violent and intolerant actions. What baffles me is that so many people are so quick to “buy into” what the media reports as “truth” without questioning the legitimacy of the reports.

Here’s the rub: The Bible has stood the test of time for near 2000 years and even though it has had it’s share of critics and challenges it has never been proven wrong. Truth, so freely, and readily available (and trustworthy to boot) but so quickly dismissed as ancient myth…

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