Transferred to

With the successful transfer of ownership of Organize Series, and less time to manage my Digital Ocean droplet for my blog, I decided to transfer hosting of to Besides removing the need for me to maintain a server, this also allows me to experience the best work my colleagues do and experience all […]


Sin is the propensity for humans to live as if they are God. Sin is the decision to live life away from God rather than toward him. This decision can be subtle or blatant. It involves a contest of wills between humans and God. It is the oldest contest in the world, the pride of […]

Where did everything go?

Don’t know what happened but I just noticed today that had something wonky going on and no posts were displayed.  I have NO idea how long the site was down as I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to post anything here (thinking my life may be too busy). At any rate […]

Away in Malawi

Hi folks,  just a quick post up to let you know I’m away on a missions trip in Malawi.  I’m writing for my church blog while there -> you can follow along at my church website.