Top 10 Popular Posts from 2009

A little late to the party but here’s my contribution to all those top 10 lists that are appearing all over the blogosphere (is that word even used anymore?)… For most of 2009 I didn’t post as frequently as I wanted to here at but I did manage to get a few posts off. […]

What I like most about Christmas…

Well, the little contest I ran on my blog has drawn to a close and I had the really tough job of picking a winner from two entries. Either that means that some super evil henchman bent on burying my existence kept the post hidden from all of the people on the internets (except for […]

Want 10 Free Christmas Songs from iTunes?

Okay, I subscribe to this service from the folks at Catalyst called “Filter” and that subscription includes periodic mailings from them of goodies – books, magazines, music and whatnot.  Well, I just received my first package from them.  Included in this package is a nice Itunes music card (from Integrity Christmas Sampler) granting 10 free […]

The Nightmare of a Techie…

I had a scary thought this morning.  For all of us techie, early adopter, and internet civvies –  what would we do if somehow we were lifted out of our life in modern society and transplanted 100 years ago (circa 1908)?  Doesn’t that make you shudder? Here’s what I’d be doing… [photo from]

What I tweeted the past week.

Typography (pronounce?) – type-"aw"-graphy or type-"oh"-graphy? #thingsithinkofondrivetowork # RePost: What I tweeted the past week. # wow, I just smelled a scent that triggered a memory of the scent in the school where I attended Grade One! # re: my last tweet ~~~> a pleasant memory # For the word of God is alive […]