Is Anguish missing in the church?

Here’s a video I had passed along to me recently.  It is David Wilkerson giving a “Call to Anguish”.  Most of me resonates with his words but parts of me don’t.  I really agree with the truth that God works through the broken (the anguished).  But is the church as broken as David makes it out to be?  Yes, oh yes, I agree there is a slide to conformity among many churches and a lot of pansy, “cultural” Christians BUT I also see a rising number of churches and Christians turning to the gospel and starting to live out the call of Christ and His work through them in their city and around the world.  Watch the video, tell me what you think – does the call resonate with you?

  1. Hello, I do not speak or understand English very well but I think for young people is better to believe in the gospel, and the elderly in Christ.
    It's hard the way of Christ.
    But we must be optimistic.

  2. Is this a comment on the 'anguish' sermon?
    I found it very interesting but aIso a puzzle. Is not God eternal, all knowing……BEFORE creation?
    Pain is a language and its not an easy language to understand . If God 'spoke' to us through pleasure, we would not take much notice. Pain IS the way we may learn.
    However this preacher has his own inner problems and is using his preaching to create the guilt he is feeling. This is NOT very Christian.
    Where oh where, is the JOY?

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