What I tweeted the past week.

  • I really want to try this tie knot sometime – when I've got to wear a tie I might as well make it fun! -> http://bit.ly/9ieWy #
  • Van just passed the drive clean test. YAY! #
  • I said I don't want to get old. My wife is such an encourager – "you're old already!"… #
  • I love my wife 🙂 #
  • Handy "WordPress Configuration Tricks" http://bit.ly/GXefb #
  • Up and at 'em. I haven't slept in this late in a long time! #
  • Having a family movie night tonight. Been a while. #
  • RT @MarkBatterson: ethr the sze of yr vsn wll determine the size of yr budget or the size of yr budget will determine the size of yr vision. #
  • Ok I've got to make this the last day for sleeping in otherwise it'll be hard for me adjusting going back to work! #
  • Interesting discussion on the purpose of the weekend gathering… -> http://bit.ly/wXcwC #
  • Happy Canada Day! So thankful for the great country I live in! #
  • Shirt Karissa is going to wear today http://mypict.me/6UYa #
  • Raining again. But on a more postive note – I'm having some of my wife's awesome homemade soup for lunch. mmmm..yum! #
  • This is the soup I'm talking about. Oh yes. http://mypict.me/6V6a #
  • tkng dn my daughters bunk bd 2 giv them more space in their room. It's not a gd fit 4 the room. Switching 2 jst mattresses 4 now. #
  • Next item: organize and cleanup the laundry room and basement closet #
  • People have a better chance of getting a response from me quickly digitally rather than via voicemail or letter, what about you? #
  • An interesting take on church membership… http://bit.ly/13o2QS #
  • Just had some great desset with the eizenga's and are now setting up for fireworks at the UofW #
  • Made some pancakes for the family this morning. Mmm good. #
  • Going for a bike ride with my kids. #
  • Just heard from a friend on a short-term missions trip to Uganda. Brings back memories of when I was in Zimbabwe! #
  • Playing skipbo with my kids #
  • Liam lost his first tooth today. http://mypict.me/7kOz #
  • Late night tonight but alas, I am finally off to bed! #
  • Just had an awesome greasy bacon and egg breakfast! Thanks ker #
  • Check out this great view of the "Beattitudes" by Kevin Rogers – "The King would Like a Word With You" – >http://bit.ly/3wQJtv #
  • Playing skipbo with my sis, her hubby and my wife. I'm getting clobbered. It's a really hard game. Really. It is. #
  • Always find it difficult missing service at my home church (WPA) when I'm on holidays. Ker is volunteering for the toddler room today. #
  • If you're afraid of someone finding out then you better tell someone about that sin in your life before it consumes you. #
  • Setting up sprinkler for kids to play with! #

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