What I tweeted the past week.

  • @onegoodnaysayer check out http://bit.ly/jAKg7 for a possible workaround until I release a fix in reply to onegoodnaysayer #
  • desk cleanup time again! Whenever I have a period of xtreme business my desk piles up. If I don't clean it, I'll go crazy. #
  • @DannoDavis Let's just say there is no other sight in the world that compares to it. really. cows are nothing. in reply to DannoDavis #
  • today I begin a 6-8 week coaching training. Looking forward to seeing how it goes! #
  • Just finished praying over our kids to start the day. We try to do that every school day. What #morningritual do you have with your kids? #
  • The centurion's slave was healed not because he had built a house for the Jews but because of incredible faith -> http://bit.ly/cFh1H #
  • @DannoDavis shiny in reply to DannoDavis #
  • @janettie that would be neat! We should guess when his first tweet will be. I'll guess in January 2010 in reply to janettie #
  • connecting with a Pastor friend in Zimbabwe – oh how I love technology! #
  • Watching some UFC – been a while. #
  • @mayertanuan about @GeoffMHeeg – I knocked him out while we were practicing some UFC moves… in reply to mayertanuan #
  • RT @tonymorganlive: been working like a mad dog today. sorry for the twitter silence. i'm still here. just focused. //same here #
  • @jfarhood well, all of twitter would know 😉 in reply to jfarhood #
  • Played Ice Hockey today. I don't think I'll recover until tomorrow. #
  • Doing a 3d puzzle with my boys #
  • Date night with Ker – thanks to my Mom for watching the kids! #
  • Church was awesome today and if you missed Pastor Marshall's message you've GOT to get it! Should be on the church website by Tues. #

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My name is Darren Ethier. I'm the owner of roughsmootheng.in. I'm the father of four children and husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. My passion is technology and it's strategic use in ministry. I also love anything to do with leadership and the wise use of words. I'm also the developer of the popular WordPress plugin Organize Series. Since THAT'S not enough to keep me busy I also work as a core developer for a great plugin called Event Espresso

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