What I tweeted the past week.

  • RePost: What I tweeted the past week. http://bit.ly/4Dwikm #
  • On my Blog ~~> What I tweeted the past week. http://ow.ly/16myL3 #
  • I have written a review for "Financial Peace Revisited" http://i.anobii.com/594280 #
  • This quote from @perrynoble is priceless (and sadly true) – "Too many people have reverence and rigormortis confused!" #
  • WPA raised over $11,000 for Haiti this past weekend! Wow! -> http://bit.ly/8Q53jn #
  • My sister just informed me that I'm an uncle again. She delivered a healthy baby boy! Woohoo! #
  • Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. #
  • Tonites a big night in my house. Liam said he didn't need a nightlight anymore and turned it off. Guess I have to strt slping w/o mine now.. #
  • Heading to staff prayer and meeting. This is one of my favorite times of the week! #
  • My eight year old daughter has an account on #youversion. Cool. #
  • Quote from our lead pastor at staff mtg. this morning: "Lead before you're led" #
  • RT @GeoffMHeeg: Out of the Woodwork: http://wp.me/pLfl5-x // you're writing some thot provoking stuff! #
  • Visiting my sister and meeting my 4 day old nephew #
  • Emotional maturity is underrated. — Seth Godin –> http://bit.ly/8snKo9 // Well written – do you do what Seth describes? #
  • Haiti: 360 degree images – http://bit.ly/4wXvTm #cnn //wow some amazing images and great closeup of the destruction in Haiti #
  • @jakesta my condolences man. in reply to jakesta #
  • Looking forward to a great service tonite! (@ Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly) http://4sq.com/71hImk #
  • I just became the mayor of Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/71hImk #

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