First Post

For sometime now I’ve wanted to create a place where I can write down thoughts/ideas/experiences/reflections (and the list could go on…no I’m not using a thesaurus!) when I think its worth writing about. I thought about doing something on the Unashamed Online website but I’m in the midst of cleaning it up a little (which will probably take me a long time…hehe) so as to make it more streamlined and useful to visitors. Anyway, I kind of wanted to create a more “personal” space which wouldn’t really fit in with Unashamed Online. However, this blog is definitely going to be linked on the UO site and there might be cross-posting from time to time.

If your reading this (brave soul you are) you’ll find that some posts here might make sense and others might not. I find that in so many things I write elsewhere I hit the backspace key about five times more than any other key because I’m so particular about what I compose. So…the purpose of this space is for me to ramble….get my thoughts on paper (…bytes – you know what I mean) without worrying about “editing” it for the “public”. Of course this isn’t a “bare all “site but merely a place for me to “think out loud” as it were. So there is an important disclaimer here: Don’t take anything I say here as my “official position” on something unless I clearly state “This is my official position” or something to the effect. When I “think out loud” its a way for me to sort out what I really believe is important – and I do that by seeing the words on the screen and (hopefully) from time to time seeing what others think in return.

Readers of this site may get a chance to gain a glimpse into the things I think about and the processes that lead me to form opinions, make decisions etc. I welcome your comments – just keep things civil 🙂

Well, that’s it for this first post – as I write, I’m realizing that I’ll probably post some of this in the “About” link –hehe killing two birds with one stone!

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