The Great Escape…

Break Out!Nah this isn’t a prison story…were you looking for a prison story? I just wanted to put a note in my blog about me skipping town for a week. My family and I are going to a rented cottage along with my mother, and my sister and her husband (and Aidan their brand-spanking new baby of course!) We’re going to Chesley Lake Camp at a cottage we rented last year…we had a good time so we decided to do it again.

We all need breaks once and a while…and its healthy for the soul 🙂 There’s no internet access where I’m going (which is a good thing) so I won’t be making any posts to my blog for a week. Wouldn’t that be funny if I came back and find out there’s been thousands of visits while I was gone? For those of you who do somehow stumble upon this blog…I hope you enjoyed your stay! Come back again!

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