One year of Unfolding Neurons…missed the anniversary!

I’ve been struggling with a little bit of writer’s block for some time now. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about – it’s just that I’ve been so overwhelmed with things happening in my life the last few months and the things I want to get done that writing entries to my blog has slowly made it’s way to the bottom of the to-do list.

Tonight I was just doing some reading and realized that I missed the one year birthday of Unfolding Neurons! May 13, 2006 was when I wrote my first article entitled “First Post” – I know, creative isn’t it? Back then Unfolding Neurons was known as ‘Yet another Ramble’, and was just an experiment trying out the new blogging software I came across called WordPress. In the past year I’ve grown to really love WordPress. I experimented with different themes, finally went out and got my own domain name (changing Yet Another Ramble to Unfolding Neurons in the process), created a new website to host the sermons that I preach at my church (using WordPress of course), redid my church website to use WordPress, created a family blog using WordPress, learned a lot of PHP and MySql and strengthened my knowledge of .css and html/x-html, designed a couple themes (not publicly released…too embarrassing), and released a WordPress plugin I wrote for organizing series of articles.

My knowledge of programming useful in web-development has grown exponentially and I’m discovering that I have a real joy and knack for working on internet related applications. Who knows what the next year will bring?

Of course, Unfolding Neurons continues to fulfill it’s purpose of being a brain dump of all the things filling my mind – albeit it’s turned out to be a bit more structured than I originally planned it to be. No doubt I probably don’t keep a lot of readers because of my jumping all over different topics on this blog but that’s just the way it is – I’m an eclectic guy and I wanted a place where I could record the various ideas, opinions, insights, and blabbers (a new word maybe?) that occur to me. Of course, I’ve learned to be careful of exactly what I do record but for the most part things on this site are as candid as it can be. Now that I’ve had some experience with the wonderful world of feeds and cross-blog publishing I’ll probably start up some more niche-oriented blogs in the coming year that will pull related posts from Unfolding Neurons.

I’m getting the itch to change the looks of Unfolding Neurons yet again…the current design and layout is starting to irritate me. Perhaps I’ll give another whirl at a custom theme…although I’ll probably just go with customizing one of the excellent existing themes already available from the great WordPress community!

Well, looking back over the past year makes me shudder a bit at the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained and the number of new things I’ve started in the online world. But that isn’t the whole picture of course. There’s so much more that has happened in my offline world as well…but that’s not for this post (and maybe just maybe will make it to a future post…if I get time that is 😉 )

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