Organize Series Beta 2

Fixed a bug reported here.  This was a pretty major bug affecting scheduled posts that are a part of a series, let me know if you have any problems with it!

Download Organize Series 2.0.8 development version

UPDATE (12/6/08): Just a heads up that the link above downloads from the trunk of the Organize Series subversion repository so you will get the bleeding edge version of Organize Series (currently at 2.0.8beta4).  I’m not going to be responding to bugs listed here as frequently (unless I can reproduce easily…so make sure your report is as thorough as possible) because I’m ramping up to get a release ready for when WordPress 2.7 is released this week.  OrgSeries 2.0.8beta4 currently WORKS with WordPress 2.7 RC1

  1. Hey there. I also get the error “WP_Error could not be converted to string” for the function series_description(). I am working with the newest versions of wordpress and the plugin.

    print_r delivers: WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [invalid_term] => Array ( [0] => invalid term ) )

    Any idea what´s the problem?

    Thanks. Eric.

  2. Ok, if I pass the id of the series by hand to series_description(theId), I get the description without an error. But why? Is there a way to get the id of the series in the template?

  3. Got a solution. I have added this function to the template tags:

    function get_the_series_id() {
    $series_id = get_query_var(SERIES_QUERYVAR);
    $serchk = is_term( $series_id, SERIES_QUERYVAR );

    if ( !empty($serchk) ) {
    $series_id = $serchk[‘term_id’];
    return $series_id;

    and now call series_description(get_the_series_id());

    But it´s strange, why didn´t it worked without that?

    And, really like the plugin, good work, thanks for sharing!

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