Organize Series Beta 2

Fixed a bug reported here.  This was a pretty major bug affecting scheduled posts that are a part of a series, let me know if you have any problems with it!

Download Organize Series 2.0.8 development version

UPDATE (12/6/08): Just a heads up that the link above downloads from the trunk of the Organize Series subversion repository so you will get the bleeding edge version of Organize Series (currently at 2.0.8beta4).  I’m not going to be responding to bugs listed here as frequently (unless I can reproduce easily…so make sure your report is as thorough as possible) because I’m ramping up to get a release ready for when WordPress 2.7 is released this week.  OrgSeries 2.0.8beta4 currently WORKS with WordPress 2.7 RC1

  1. Thank you, Darren, for your tip but the fix did not joy at all. I deactivated all plugins from Akismet to Z… and keep on getting this horrible error of this taxonomy.php.

    I know you a very busy person and do not want to disturb you too much. Anyway, i will stick to in-series plugin, it does the job. Meanwhile, i will keep on testing your new versions from time, maybe one day it will work. Or updating the WP will do the fix. Good luck!

  2. Balabahdra das,
    What makes your reported error puzzling is I can’t reproduce it – and I haven’t seen it reported anywhere else. I’m not saying that Organize Series isn’t producing the problem you are describing but without being able to reproduce it or know your setup in more detail I can’t do anything about it.

    When you upgraded WordPress did you make sure your old install or WP was erased (except for your themes and plugins) before installing the new version? I’ve had a problem before where not all the files from the old version got erased when I did an upgrade – resulting in some funny errors with plugins I had installed.

  3. Haven’t upgraded to this B2 version yet, but with the previous one I’m noticing a problem when I go back and edit/save a post in the series that’s already been published. Thought I’d mention it here.

    When I do go back to edit something in one of the live posts in a series, the order in the series gets a little messed up. I suddenly have two posts that are, for example, #5 in the series. So I have to go through them one by one, reorganizing them 1, 2, 3, and so on until the order is back to normal.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  4. Hey Jack,
    When you say you haven’t upgraded to B2 yet, does that mean you’re experiencing this issue on B1 or 2.0.7? That was an issue found in OrgSeries 2.0.7 & WP 2.6+ but “supposed to be” fixed in Beta 1 of OrgSeries 2.0.8.

    If you haven’t tried beta 1 or beta 2 give them a whirl and you should see the issue resolved.

  5. It might be the problem as you say. Usually simply i write new files over old ones. I am sure the problem lies in my own setup ’cause nobody else has this type of gross error (the website goes blank completely and the only way to save it is to rename the conflicting plugin folder on the server via ftp).

    Anyway, i will wait for the next WP upgrade, delete old files and have another go.

  6. You might be right, Darren. I have a 2nd WP blog, installed your plugin there and it worked!! I am going to explore the features of your plugin now (my fingers are itching). I should have done it long time ago and pinned the problem earlear instead of wasting your time. It seems i have to reinstall the 1st blog from the scratch now. Thank you.

  7. @Darren

    Right now I’m using the 2.0.8 beta 1 release. (Have downloaded, but haven’t yet upgraded to the B2 in this post here). So yes, I’m still getting that weird error on my end, even in first beta.

  8. Jack,
    I’m not sure if that’s a bug I inadvertently fixed in beta 2 but I can’t reproduce the problem you describe. Can you install the beta 2 release and see if its fixed? If not, I’ll need some more details:

    • Are all the posts in the series published?
    • Are any of the posts in the series scheduled for future post?
    • If yes to either of the first two questions…the post that you edit and change the order in the series…what is it’s status (published/future post/draft)

    I’ve tried testing all of the above scenarios without any problems on my end.

  9. Darren,

    I’ll go ahead and upgrade to beta 2 and get back to you. Thanks for the reply!

    Even though I’m going to try the upgrade and see what happens, I’ll pass along the following answers to your questions since the answers will be the same no matter which version I’m on:


    -No. I keep my posts in draft until ready to hit publish. Haven’t tried scheduling yet in a series or in general.

    -The status of the posts I’m editing (usually going back to fix a typo or make an addendum) has always been published.

  10. @Darren,

    I upgraded and tried again. Same thing happening.

    Not a huge deal really. Considering how much I love your plugin, I can live with it. And if you can’t reproduce it on your end, perhaps I just screwed something up when I created the series to begin with..

    Unless you get other people noticing this effect happening, I wouldn’t think on it too much. Because this is my first series, and kind of a way for me to get the hang of using the plugin anyway, it’s no big deal.

    I’ll see if it keeps happening on the next series I create. And I’ll get in touch if it does. But, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it’s just something I inadvertently did – and that the anomaly will only affect this particular series. Which once it’s finished, won’t be a big deal at all.

    Thank again.

  11. I haven’t thrashed the plugin, but it’s working like a charm for me. All my old series came back, new series can be added, and all the links work fine.

    Life is good! 😉

  12. Hi Darren, i am still trying to make your plugin work.

    It works nicely on blog, no problem.

    But then it does not on blog. I installed a testing version in subdomain, and it runs nicely there.

    However, it still generates taxonomy.php error in the main blog. If i go to this taxonomy.php and delete the troublesome line $wp->add_query_var($args[‘query_var’]); then the plugin activates and seems to work. Magic done without much of harm (hepefully).

    When i test it then i notice that when i click the link “This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series “link”” then i come up with NOTHING FOUND error.

    I think it is the problem of taxonomy line and bring it back but the website chokes up again.

    I installed wp 2.7 – same thing. If i start a new database and activate it, then it is ok. Phew.. Now i think it was some kind of database table error. But i still get NOTHING FOUND error when clicking on series link. 🙁

    How strange.

    Could this be my template? I activate the default one but the issue is the same – Nothing found in Series Table of Contents URL.


    It works on but does not work in subfolder, and works again in subfolder.

    I even experimented with permalinks – no effect.

    Now i am sure that taxonomy error is caused by some faulty database table. I can fix it by exporting my posts into a new new fresh database.

    But the next problem i am not able to solve is the Series Table of Contents. 3 identical wp installations, and 1 of them is not able to gerate the series list.

    Aarrrgghh… i am going to watch a movie and have a break now. I cannot think anymore.

    [p.s. some good news at least – your plugin should be ok with wp 2.7]

  13. Hello Darren,

    i have 2 wp 2.7 blogs installed from scratch, new databases and no plugins at all, except Organize-series only.

    The blog in root directory comes up Not Found when trying to Series Table of Contents page.

    The blog in subdirectory works just fine.

    Do you have any idea? Did you ever come over such a bizarre problem?

  14. Thanks for the plugin. I have run across a little problem. For some reason it won’t load the series.php template (or my archive.php template). It always grabs my index.php template which has been customized and does not work well for loading lists of posts.

    I am using Beta 2 on WordPress 2.6.3

    Because of this problem I have temporarily disabled the plugin till I know I can fix it up to ‘work’ with my site.

  15. I haven’t installed this update yet, I’m still on the latest release + hacks people suggested, but I wanted to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I know you’re very busy and dealing with a zillion other issues and it really is great to see another OrgSeries release – beta or not.

    Thank you very much. I’ll report back once I get it installed 🙂

  16. @Nathan (and might be related to @b.d.:
    I’m puzzled with the problems regarding the series.php not rendering correctly on your site. I use WP 2.6.3 and OrgSeries Beta 2 here without problems… (you can view my series archive by clicking the “series” link above and then any one of the series titles).

    I highly suspect it has something to do with the theme you are using on your website…is it a custom theme? Does it use non-standard themeing architecture for WP? I don’t have the time to check into it myself atm.

    @B.D. this still doesn’t explain why your not getting a series table of contents page (which is separate from series archive). The only thing I can see happening is that perhaps there is a conflict with a “series” category permalink? If so, try changing the “series” table of contents permalink in the series options page to something other than series.

  17. I’ve installed this now – I had to do some fancy ripping out of the old mySQL data because it was corrupted somehow by the hacks I’d been using in between, but that was fine after.

    The only thing I seem to be having a hitch with now is the series lists and seriestoc which is in the default spot but redirects to a regular post whose title starts with the word “series” for some reason. The series listings such as seem to be defaulting badly to archive.php and I’m not sure what or where I should edit to fix it. Can I put a series.php file in my child theme directory and edit it there, or do I need to edit it in the plugin directory?

    Thanks so much for this wonderful resource – it really helps me organise my site the way I want it!

  18. Hey Darren,

    thanks for this plugin… it’s made a nice addition to one of my new websites. I’ve run across a quirk in using it, and I was wondering if you were aware of it, or possibly had a fix.

    If I go back and edit an earlier item in a series, it will renumber that entry and every other subsequent entry, so I have to go through each subsequent entry and correctly number them again. It can be pretty annoying when you’ve got 20 items in a series, and you need to correct a typo or add a thumbnail image to item #5 🙂

    Using WP 2.6.3, and beta3 of the plugin.

  19. Cool. I should clarify the renumbering phenomenon.

    What’ll happen is that the entry *following* the entry I edit will take on the same number as the one I’ve just edited.

    So, if I edit #2 of 5, when I save it, it’ll stay #2, but #3 will also become #2, so the series will be numbered 1-2-2-4-5.

    When I edit 3 to make it 3 again, then 4 will subsequently also become 3, making my series 1-2-3-3-5. Edit #4, rinse, repeat until end of series.

  20. It says 2.0.8b6 in the plugins listing, and it seems to have resolved the previous issue, but maybe unintentionally introduced another?

    What I’m seeing now is that new items in the series aren’t automatically set. If I create a new post, choose the series I want, and leave the number blank, it won’t set the post as being the part of that series. It won’t number it unless I manually add the next number in the series.

    But the changing of the series number when editing older posts has gone away.

  21. OrgSeries 2.0.8b7 should resolve that Summer. I overlooked the automatic appending when putting in the previous fix. Thanks for the catch!

  22. Troubleshooting is one of my skills 🙂

    The b7 version seems to be working like a charm. Thanks for the quick response!

  23. Thanks so much for getting this updated, fixed and ready to go for wordpress 2.7! Think I came across a minor bug in the beta7 (and just verified it still is in beta8).

    In the function series_description(), I believe the following two lines need to be changed:
    < $ser_var = get_query_var(SERIES_QUERYVAR);
    $series_id = get_query_var(SERIES_QUERYVAR);
    > $ser_var = is_term( $series_id, SERIES_QUERYVAR );

    [ I just looked at function single_series_title() which was working and noticed the difference. ]

    Hope this helps!

  24. ooops… looks like the comment section didn’t like my diff output : -/

    drop me an email and I can send you the information directly, if you like…

    once again, thanks so much for your effort!

    1. Thanks for pointing this out Andrew but I fail to see where this is a bug. I just used a different method between the two functions but the end result is the same… Are you finding that series_description() isn’t working as expected (in my testing it is…)?

  25. sorry, i should have described the situation… when series_description() is called from a series.php template page, without passing in a series id, I get a WP_error. ( without this change, I think, $ser_var gets over written when/if is_term comes back as null )

  26. Thanks for your continued hard work on this, Darren. I’m so glad to hear that the current beta works with 2.7 – sounds as if I’ll be able to update sooner than I thought! Best wishes for a joyous holiday season.

  27. I was also able to get the tinymce editor added to the organize series descriptions, are you interested in incorporating this into organize series? if not, I can publish it as a separate plugin.

    hope you’re having a nice weekend!

  28. Hi Darren,

    We’re getting ready to launch our new website and the Organize Series plugin is going to play an integral part of the site.

    Just wondering if it is currently possible in the Series TOC to change the order of a given series?

    I haven’t found the ability to do so.

    FYI right now, we’re using WordPress 2.6.2 and OrgSeries 2.0.8beta 2.

    Thanks for reading!

  29. If by Series TOC you mean the page that lists all the series you’ve written then no, there is no easy way of changing the order of different series (at least with the existing code).

    However, if you’re talking about the posts in a series then yes it is possible (just change the part number of the post).

  30. @Darren: I’ve upgraded to WP2.7 and have tried your plugin with three different themes and each time it always pulls index.php when a Series is clicked on. If I delete the index.php file, it does not grab archive.php or series.php, it instead displays a blank page.

    Is there anywhere I can hack the code to force it to grab series.php and never index.php? Obviously not ideal for all, but a suitable solution for me.

  31. @Nathan,
    I’ve tried to reproduce your problem without any success. Have you tried it with the default theme? Also, what version of Organize Series are you using (there’s a bunch of different betas floating around, the one I tested is 2.0.8b8).

    Are you using any other plugins that hook into the template files?

  32. @Darren: Still no avail when using the Default theme. I upgraded to Beta 2.0.8b9 as well.

    The entire series display falls apart using my index.php now that I have added another series into the database, but that should resolve if it used a php with only one loop on it (like series.php).

    It is live on my site it you wish to look at the right-hand sidebar.

    Is it not possible to have a check option to force a template file, possibly giving the option of always using index.php, archive.php or series.php?

  33. ummm…Nathan – I just tried your site and the series archive is working fine for me? Have you cleared your browser cache? It is possible you’ve got a bad cache…

    Unless – I’m just not understanding you correctly. Are you saying that you have a custom series.php file that you want to be grabbed when a series is called and that is not what is happening here?

  34. @Darren: I have tried it on Firefox & IE and on two computers here and I get the same results.

    1. It pulls the index.php file which display my latest post and Andrew’s latest post. I want it to use the series.php

    2. If I pull the first series from the drop down, it not only displays my latest, then Andrew’s latest, when it lists the posts it does one of that series, then one of the other series, then one of that series and so forth.

    3. When I did a test in the default theme, it did not grab the series.php however it did display the posts from the series correctly.

    Hope this clears up the problem I am experiencing.

  35. I’m understanding you better now. A couple more questions then:
    1. Were you using orgSeries on an earlier version of WordPress (and your current theme) without this problem?

    2. Can you try using a custom series.php with the default WordPress theme and see if it works properly there?

    Finally, remember that your custom series.php file must be moved from the plugin directory to your theme directory in order for it to work as expected.

    **I should be clear – I’m using you as a guinea pig to test this – I haven’t actually tested the templating with WP2.7 yet (i.e. using a custom series.php file) because of lack of time – if you have the time to test this I appreciate it 🙂

  36. @Darren:

    1. No. This problem was there with WP2.6 as well. It has never worked for me.

    2. I activated the default theme, moved the series.php file to the Default theme directory, and it still loaded index.php. I know this as the “Archive for the [Series Title] Series” heading never appears.

    ** I don’t mind being a guinea pig. Your plugin appears to be the best (I have unsatisfactorily tested others). The only problem is this not working for some reason.

  37. @Nathan:
    Looks like this may be a bug then…I’ll see if I can look closer at it later tonight (EST) and if I can reproduce the problem I’ll work on a fix

  38. @Nathan:
    One more thing, did you edit the series.php file to match the template layout for the default theme (i.e. the .css/html structure etc)

  39. @Darren:

    No, I used the series.php file you supplied. If it worked I knew it would not display perfectly and then would have edited it, however it has always ignored the file and pulled index.php.

  40. @Nathan:
    Okay, I just uploaded orgSeries 2.0.8b10 (enough betas already lol). There was an error with the series.php file (improperly closed php tag) and I also came across a problem with the series_description() function that may have caused the switchover to the index.php template.

    I’ve tested and confirmed on my setup (WP2.7, orgSeries 2.0.8b10, default theme) that series.php is used to display a series archive page.

    Test this using the default theme first before trying with your current theme.

  41. @Darren: Thank you for all the trouble you’re going to. Regrettably, following your instructions it still pulls my index.php even in the Default theme.

    I’m glad my issue has helped you find some small faults and correct them, but I’m scratching my head as to why it still doesn’t work.

    Is my prior suggestion of a checkbox to force a .php template viable?

  42. @Nathan: sorry it’s still not working for you but since I cannot reproduce your problem anymore on my end the only thing I can think of is you are using another plugin/plugins that interact with the template system of WordPress and affect the loading order of templates. Or do you use any cacheing plugin? If so, that will also affect the template loads.

    Regarding your suggestion of a checkbox “forcing” a .php template load – if it was implemented it would use the same method I use currently. The plugin code is in effect already using something similar to a “checkbox” – if there is a “series.php” file in the current theme directory that fulfills the condition then it will prevent the index.php or archive.php from loading (at least that’s how it’s working on my end).

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