Temporary change to Unfolding Neurons

My host (bluehost.com) shut down my site at about 4:00pm (EST) today and support told me that it was due to excessive MySql queries and CPU load.  Some notes about this experience:

  • Support was very fast on getting back to me when I contacted them.
  • They weren’t very helpful when it came to what I needed to do.  I had to track down information in their knowledge base.
  • A quick browse on the internets via Google showed me that bluehost has received some negative press re their mysterious CPU lockout and suspension issues.  Seems like they aren’t really set up to run trafficked WordPress sites on their shared servers.
  • The suspension came out of the blue (no pun intended).  No warnings, no emails prior to, nothing, nada.  It would have been helpful if I had at least received a notice that my site was causing problems on the servers and I needed to make some modifcations or they’d shut things down…

I’ve temporarily switched to the default WordPress theme and have deactivated some of my plugins to avoid getting “suspended” again.  I have also totally switched off “UnashamedSermons.com” (my sermons site that is hosted on this account) as it was a pretty big offender when it came to mySql queries.  I’ve also activated the “SuperCache” plugin to hopefully serve up some static files for frequently visited pages on this site (and thus cutting down database queries).

The funny thing is – I’m really close to updating the theme on my site (more optimized) and releasing a new version of Organize Series (once I can figure out how to quash this bug).

I really hope BlueHost doesn’t suspend/deactivate things here again.  If they do – I’m done with them and will look for another host.  I simply don’t have the time to diddle daddle with a host that fails to allocate sufficient resources to their customers (or at least be up front about what you can and can’t do…don’t advertise you can handle WordPress sites if you can’t).  I’ve been with BlueHost for a year now with very little downtime and no indication that any of my websites were causing any issues with their servers!  The only redeeming aspect of this experience so far is the quick response of their support staff.  From what I read on the internets I really wasn’t expecting to see my site live until Monday.

Anyway, just thought I’d post this update here for anyone wondering what’s going on!

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