Sunday Nuggets (03/01/09)

Got this weeks thoughts on Sunday out later because of a nasty cold I’m still trying to fight off…

This Sunday I sat in the “Bread and Breakfast” class which is held during the first service.  This class is for young adults and they start with a free breakfast of pancakes, fruit and the usual breakfast stuff and then have a lesson.  Currently Merrie Eizenga is teaching on Daniel.  The reason I went to the class is because I’m going to be teaching it in April and I wanted to hang out and see what it is like.  It’s awesome!  If you’re a young adult and you’re not attending this class then you need to get there!  I’m looking so forward to spending time with this class in April.

  • Prayed with Pastor Marshall, Walt Semeniuk, and Drew Eizenga at both services.  They are leaving for a couple weeks to do a tour of Africa visiting our missionaries in the field and seeing what’s happening over there.  I pray they are impacted and God uses them while they are over there.
  • Before the service began I dealt with a temperamental computer at our Kids Corner.  The wireless key wouldn’t connect to the router.  Got it fixed.
  • Pastor Marshall continued speaking on the Second Coming of Christ – covered a lot of material in a short time.  I can’t help but thinking – how many Christians really believe Christ is returning again?  How would that affect our life if we did?
  • Sunday night the title of my message is “Landmarks on the Journey to Miracle Land”  – I lost my voice just before speaking because of my cold but God helped me get through it.

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