A Fun Experience…

Back in early June, my church put together an appreciation dinner for all the volunteers.  As part of the evening I participated with our worship pastor, Janette, in putting on a special presentation.  Someone there recorded it and posted it on youtube.  What do you think?  I cringed watching it…(at least we had fun!)

Sunday Nuggets (03/01/09)

Got this weeks thoughts on Sunday out later because of a nasty cold I’m still trying to fight off… This Sunday I sat in the “Bread and Breakfast” class which is held during the first service.  This class is for young adults and they start with a free breakfast of pancakes, fruit and the usual […]

Thoughts on Sunday (January 25th)

Sunday was my wife’s birthday and  she’ll say I forgot (but I really didn’t)  but I will admit I was pretty cheesy about it.  Still – I think the kids and I pulled off an okay day for her…  It was tough with Sunday being the busiest day of the week for me!  Thanks to […]

Thoughts on Sunday

I think I’m going to try doing some regular posts on my observations of service at my church each week.  Of course the first one is a bit late but that’s okay. Here we go: Pastor Marshall continued his series on Spiritual Disciplines – talking about serving and stewardship.  Wow – pretty brave to tackle […]

A New Adventure

Well it’s official (and I can announce now). I’m going to be starting a new ministry as the Assistant Pastor of Waterloo Pentecostal Church. I’m really looking forward to this new position and working with the leadership team there. It’s absolutely incredible (and I confess a bit of a whirlwind too!) the journey God has […]