Thoughts on Sunday

I think I’m going to try doing some regular posts on my observations of service at my church each week.  Of course the first one is a bit late but that’s okay.

Here we go:

  • Pastor Marshall continued his series on Spiritual Disciplines – talking about serving and stewardship.  Wow – pretty brave to tackle such tough topics together! – but I think he did a great job.
  • “Serving God is not an option” (Joshua 24:15)
  • We don’t serve God to BE forgiven – we serve because we ARE forgiven

Some points on Stewardship:

  • God Owns Everything!
  • Giving is an act of Worship
  • Giving reflects faith in God’s promises.
  • “get ready to give”
  • “give generously”
  • “go for the great harvest”
  • “give cheerfully”
  • “generate blessing”

Sunday PM:
Sunday night the team that went to the Ukraine (of which I was a part of) shared about our experience.  Pretty cool.  I’m going to be posting some video and powerpoints of the presentation on our church website this week sometime and I’ll update the links here.  It was really neat reliving our experience there.  I’m also hoping this week to post observations from my trip to Ukraine on my blog.

Oh, and if any people from WPA happen to read my blog, are married, and haven’t signed up for the marriage retreat – WHAT’S THE HOLD UP! Come on get registered – this retreat is going to be awesome.  Seriously – I can’t wait for it – and you don’t want to miss it!

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