What I “tweeted” 2009-05-24

  • Heading to my mom’s house to help with a work day #
  • Was an awesome day today – got a lot accomplished for my mom 🙂 #
  • Going on a fieldtrip with my daughter this morning. #
  • desk is messy again – always a sign of “lack of time” Need to kick in some time management plans again. #
  • On a daddy-daughter date with Karissa #
  • Twittering in Church (http://bit.ly/G80p1
    what a cool idea! hattip @HeatherACard #
  • Twittering in Church – http://bit.ly/10Ztn3
    – hattip @HeatherACard #
  • Another bug submitted for #CCB – so far they’ve fixed 8 of 12 bugs that I’ve submitted since Apr 26th. #
  • #CCB bug update /correction- 9 of 12 bugs I’ve submitted have been resolved. Thanks for the quick responses from the CCB team. #
  • #CCB bug update 10 of 12 resolved. #
  • #CCB 11 out of 12 bug reports resolved. 1 wasn’t a bug – just needed clarification 🙂 #
  • going to try and get the pile of “little things” done today so I can start fresh next week #
  • great church website – http://bit.ly/15b90o – clean, simple, tidy, and some interesting things they are doing to build online community… #
  • replaced the screen on a door and window. Just about stabbed myself in the process…don’t ask! #
  • Hilarious – cashier says to me, “what should the change be? I’m so bad at math…” #

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