What I “tweeted” 2009-06-07

  • once chrome gets extensions it will ROCK. For now, I still have to boot up firefox #
  • oh and I tried IE8…shudder #
  • submitted my next column for the “Connections” mag. My topic? Twitter for Churches/Pastors…hmm… #
  • Finished posting the quotes I liked from the book “The Volunteer Revolution” by Bill Hybels see them at http://bit.ly/35YnoG #
  • Just created a unique announcement slide for Sunday to recruit for web development team. Interested in seeing the response… #
  • Just wrapping up a long day at work. whew. #
  • Preach it Perry!! –> http://bit.ly/nLNtn #
  • thinking…if I had the money and was not in a contract already…would I go for the Palm Pre? #
  • Here’s an interesting graphic… http://bit.ly/j3OCT hmm…. #
  • For when you need to tie a knot… http://bit.ly/pU42l #
  • Just finished an fun game of tennis with @jakesta – I haven’t played in a while though and my game is well…not game yet lol #
  • The polka category was dropped from the grammy’s…what? #
  • Reading: Swine flu-Is it evidence of evolution?—http://bit.ly/12fx9v #
  • Reading: MSNBC seven signs evolution show creation—http://bit.ly/HaIDV #
  • just watched the first transformers movie again. Kind of want to see the new one coming soon now #
  • “…you can’t taste it, you can’t feel or hear it. But it is so important to be free.” (D-Day Veteran on freedom) http://bit.ly/16Ncf #
  • “…you can’t taste it, you can’t feel or hear it. But it is so important to be free.” (D-Day Veteran on freedom) http://bit.ly/16Ncff #
  • Some great things to look at when hiring… http://bit.ly/j0QLl #
  • A really beautiful Saturday out today 🙂 #
  • Lost my car keys 🙁 #
  • Just finished a great evening with some friends from WPA! #
  • This is a job I wouldn’t want… http://bit.ly/PvuHa #
  • Looking forward to a great night tonite at WPA – its music finale night! #
  • Someone gave their heart to the Jesus this morning. AWESOME!!! #

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