What I tweeted the past week.

  • Think I'll hold off upgrading my blog to WP2.8 when I have more time to do any fixes I might need 🙂 #
  • Heading back to work a day earlier than planned today. Just too much to do this week. #
  • Forgot my rule of making sure my desk is clean before going on vacation…makes it harder to have that "fresh" start when I get back! #
  • P1: On standards… what "standard" are you known for when it comes to your work habits and character? Do you have any? #
  • P2: On standards… People will see you through the lense of what they perceive to be your standards. What are you known for? #
  • I've got to try for this. Hopefully I'll win an iphone in the great #squarespace giveaway! #
  • Heading for lunch at the Mandarin and I don't have to pay. Bonus! #
  • I used restraint at lunch today. Hard to do – but I think my body thanks me for it. #
  • Home after a long day. Some days seem longer than others. #
  • catching up on my feed reading…took a while to get the kids to bed tonight – they're very restless and it's a HOT evening! #
  • Just did some minor updates on my #organizeseries plugin. Thinking I might get 2.0.9 out by the end of the month if all goes well. #
  • upgraded unfoldingneurons.com to WordPress 2.8 – looks like there's no problems. #
  • Interesting article… Score one for Canada – The Capitalist Manifesto: Greed Is Good – http://bit.ly/Ha5KT #
  • Check out: "You matter" (http://twitthis.com/dl6cpy) #
  • starting work on the message for this Sunday AM – talking on David as a father. Working title for message, "How to Fail as a Father" #
  • RT @perrynoble "God does not do consulting!" @larryosborne – SO TRUE! #
  • A good point on using secular music in a church service… http://bit.ly/Bzaxr #
  • Forgot rice #
  • Someone wrote my facebook address in the dirt on my van back window. I wonder who that could have been… #
  • I'm going to try making this sometime… http://bit.ly/Jp13W #
  • upgraded waterlooassembly.org to WordPress 2.8 #
  • Off to bed early tonite. Man am I tired! #
  • Ready to start the day. Everyone seems to be dragging their feet a bit today. #
  • Here's another church website design I like – http://bit.ly/1SiBP #
  • Bible Scholars…what's the message of this story?… http://bit.ly/18hYQy #
  • See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are! (1jn3:1) http://bit.ly/13Cwwm #
  • So now we can tell who are children of God and who are children of the devil…. (1 John 3:10) http://bit.ly/L1VA9 #
  • So don't be surprised, dear brothers and sisters, if the world hates you. (1 John 3:13) http://bit.ly/2JgF7B #
  • Bang on…I wonder if we did a survey, what we'd find out about WPA people? "The Sometimes Surprising Price of Success" http://bit.ly/1RfJca #
  • Hmm…not sure what to make of my TweetPsych (got link from @tonymorganlive) http://bit.ly/ak0as #
  • been working on my message (am) for Sunday again. Studying how many children David had and what his kids did (or didn't end up doing) #
  • One reason why I'd love to have an iphone -> http://bit.ly/2m9AaK – I've been a user of logmein for a while. #squarespace #
  • my sinuses are bugging me and I'm feeling kind of nauseous…hope it's only temporary 🙁 #
  • Note to self: Check this out -> http://bit.ly/1BxhQ0 – they support my bank 🙂 #
  • Been almost two weeks since I watched any TV. #
  • Feeling convicted from the message I'm preparing for this Sunday. The Holy Spirit is working on me. #
  • woopra stats is telling me that 75% of people visiting https://unfoldingneurons.com spend 20+minutes on the site! Next is 5-10min with 15%. #
  • I'm really starting to dislike the looks/layout of my blog. It needs a new theme – problem is, I don't have time to do it 🙁 #
  • Just published the last post in my Ukraine Missions Trip series -> http://bit.ly/14Y5zA – I took the trip back in Jan – I'm slow. #
  • Judges 20:1 – Interesting. God sent the Israelites into battle 2 times whr they lost – thy stll went and won the 3rd tm http://bit.ly/SVp1d #
  • You see and recognize what is right
    but refuse to act on it.
    You hear with your ears,
    but you don't really listen. http://bit.ly/1azc3p #
  • Loving God means keeping his commandments, and his commandments are not burdensome. http://bit.ly/VAkJk #
  • struggling a bit on what I'm going to speak about on Sunday night. I thought I knew but I'm not sure now… #
  • In the end, I'm going to speak on what I originally planned – "Lot, the Man who Compromised" #
  • I can hear all the broken glass tinkle from the TV screens busted by this –> http://bit.ly/uYNpw #
  • still not done Sunday AM's message. Gonna work later tonight so I can get it done. #
  • just finished Sunday am message. About to go to board meeting and then after I'll work on Sunday's PM message which is about 75% done… #
  • Really excited about this coming Sunday!!! #
  • something 2 keep an eye on … http://www.monvee.com #
  • Going camping – thunderstorms in the forecast – sun shining now… Oh and supposed to be big winds. I REALLY hope we survive! #
  • I rlly hope the severe thunderstorm heading 4 R campsite doesn't show up. http://myloc.me/4vgH #
  • About to go swimming, so far no storm in sight – YAY! http://myloc.me/4wDp #
  • http://twitpic.com/7utad – My daughter Jenna enjoying our camping trip! #
  • This is what makes camping cozy…. http://mypict.me/4zio #
  • Rained last night but stayed fairly dry. Hope it clears up today. #camping http://myloc.me/4Dui #
  • Back home from the cottage. Had an awesome time BUT I still can't wait for tomorrow's service at WPA! http://myloc.me/4KFy #
  • #notetoself Gotta add this to Organize Series – > http://bit.ly/rACZZ #
  • kids gave me their handcrafted father's day gifts tonite. I LOVE Jenna, Liam, Zachary, and Karissa SOO much! Their gifts were amazing!! #
  • Just getting the ppt slides for tomorrow's messages done. I'm SOOO looking forward to the service tomorrow! #
  • Awesome service at WPA today! #
  • Zach cooked steak on the bbq for father's day today. They turned out great! #
  • Tired after today's services – but still really enjoyed today! #

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