What I tweeted the past week.

  • RT @tonymorganlive ovr 2m businesses & 20m users in ovr 100 countries have adopted Google Apps 4 their workplace: http://bit.ly/4vkqpf #
  • @mayertanuan yup I asked for invite when GoogleWave was first announced waaay back in June. I'm special. in reply to mayertanuan #
  • Off to lunch at the Mandarin. Being treated b/c fo pastor's appreciation month. Nice 🙂 #
  • Yeah that's what I thought when I heard…huh? #
  • Playing outside with my sons – beautiful evening out! #
  • At #wodconf today. Hoping for a great day! #
  • RT @tonymorganlive: Gen Y spends more time on social networks than other online activities like checking email: http://bit.ly/1XSKbJ #
  • RT @FlowerDust: If you don't feel like you're in over your head, you might just be a potato. // wouldn't that be tomato? #
  • Just finished submitting some finished code I wrote for a client. Hope it works well for them! #
  • The wrk I did is some cstm code for #organizeseries – AND the client ok'd it for passing it on to all users – I'll be pushing it out ths wk! #
  • But as for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded." http://read.ly/2Chr15.7.NLT #
  • But the marshes and swamps will not be purified; they will still b salty. http://read.ly/Ezek47.11.NLT //huh? why wll thy nt be? needs stdy #
  • Remain in me, and I will remain in you. … http://read.ly/John15.4.NLT #
  • When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples. This brings great glory to my Father. http://read.ly/John15.8.NLT #
  • The world's sin is that it refuses to believe in me. http://read.ly/John16.9.NLT #
  • @ScottMagdalein you chose blogger. ugh. Still I like your new site! It's in my reader. #
  • @CircleReader Thanks for the notes on wetlands/marshes/swamps – very useful! in reply to CircleReader #
  • RT @tonymorganlive: How do you raise the value of volunteering? http://bit.ly/PtNh5 // some great stuff! #
  • my wife just informed me we're having chili for supper tonight. I LOVE chili (especially hers). Gonna be a bomblastic night with my fam. #
  • @Jeff_Durante I use Google Talk in reply to Jeff_Durante #
  • @Jeff_Durante We use it in our office for communicating with staff. And yes I like it. Jst a smple IM app that integrates nicely wth Gmail in reply to Jeff_Durante #
  • @Jeff_Durante Another useful thing is you can archive chats in your gmail account (search is the bonus) in reply to Jeff_Durante #
  • Preparing for Sunday's PM message. More is less if God doesn't bless! #
  • @Jeff_Durante and useful in reply to Jeff_Durante #
  • when you refuse to listen to God – nothing on heaven or earth can help you. #
  • There are some people who think they can listen to God AND listen to everything else. It won't work. #fail #
  • When you truly are listening you are PAYING ATTENTION and SHOWING AFFECTION #
  • God will never FORCE you to listen to Him. The choice is yours. #
  • God really WANTS you to listen to Him because He LOVES YOU and wants what's BEST for you. Kind of sounds like me with my kids! #
  • The difference between hearing and listening is measured by what you RETAIN and what you DO #
  • Reflex responses based on past success are nothing compared against the fresh guidance sought from the Spirit of God! #
  • RT @hntchen: RIM lkng 4 wtrloo/lndn area smrtphne users who trck mltiple scial feeds; call 1-800-826-4943 x226, project 9779 if interested #
  • Just finished writing a post on being too sensitive. Includes some questions that will reveal if that's you! Will be out tomorrow. #
  • Gonna do a passover my #organizeseries series of posts and update them to match the current plugin version. #wordpressplugin #
  • hmmm…. wondering if my church #waterlooassembly should have a twitter account. What do you think? #
  • RT @tonymorganlive: "Stdies hve shwn tht the wndrng mind is more likely 2 hve a 'Eureka!' mmnt of clrity & creativity." http://bit.ly/2MW1nx #
  • RT @GeoffMHeeg: No time for complaining, lots of time for causes, turn your complaints into causes! #
  • RT @stephenbaugh: Google Chrome released for Mac http://bit.ly/2727E2 #
  • Looks like I'm joining the ranks of the sick 🙁 Nasty headache and cold. Unfortunately, I can't avail myself of my bed today. #

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