What I tweeted the past week.

  • On my Blog ~~> What I tweeted the past week. http://ow.ly/169p5R #
  • dudes and dudettes, this AWESOME free short e-book from Seth Godin is on the internets. An inspiring read! ~~> http://bit.ly/8vLd44 #
  • RT @perrynoble: "This Sh_t is awesome!" http://twurl.nl/7qgb76 //Worth retweeting – read and you'll know why I did. #
  • At WPA leadership team dinner. These peeps are awesome! #
  • My Gorgeous wife 🙂 http://tweetphoto.com/6450371 #
  • #regurgitated: What I tweeted the past week. http://goo.gl/fb/PzkX #
  • RePost: What I tweeted the past week. http://bit.ly/7qpsID #
  • If you are a user of #ccbchurch please JOIN this discussion. Let your voice be heard! -> http://bit.ly/4tsMOt #
  • RT @loswhit: I think I broke the internet //good now I know who to blame. #
  • At my daughter's school performance. Sorry but its a bit anti-climatic after the WPA's christmas production… #
  • To add to the chorus of flu tweets I've read this year – I think I'm going to hurl #
  • SWEET: Merge All of Your Duplicate Gmail Contacts With One Click http://bit.ly/6f0hzw // about time Google! Much needed 🙂 #
  • @human3rror Flickr…hwevr Picasa is strtng 2 lk mighty fine. Biggest prob with flickr is lack of really good integration with a desktop app in reply to human3rror #
  • @human3rror if you do here's a tool to try ~~> http://bit.ly/8iuE7R in reply to human3rror #
  • @human3rror Have no idea. http://bit.ly/8iuE7R has been around since 2007. Reports are that it's slow though. If you try it wrt a pst 🙂 in reply to human3rror #
  • @human3rror – you are aware of the Picasa2Flickr plugin for Picasa desktop right? ~~> http://picasa2flickr.sourceforge.net/ #
  • RT @human3rror: @nerrad I need flickr 2 picasa software // right. I ws jst wndring if u hd tried that whn using flickr? #
  • @human3rror incidentally, what ws the "trigger" for u making the switch? #
  • @human3rror hmmm I've been thinking the same things. For me the trigger might be Google's new pricing structure for data space. in reply to human3rror #
  • RT @tonysteward: http://www.examen.me // This site is a really fantastic personal spiritl growth..// wld b cool if intgratd with youversion! #
  • RT @human3rror: The day has started and I'm still working out of yesterday. // me too #
  • love it when people dm me and I can't dm back because they aren't following me (wink @human3rror) #
  • (They think their prosperity is of their own doing,  but I will have nothing to do with that kind of thinking.) http://read.ly/Job21.16.NLT #
  • So now we can tell who are children of God and who are children of the devil. Anyone who does not live righteo… http://read.ly/1John3.10.NLT #
  • If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion—how can … http://read.ly/1John3.17.NLT #
  • God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal li… http://read.ly/1John4.9.NLT #
  • All who confess that Jesus is the Son of God have God living in them, and they live in God. http://read.ly/1John4.15.NLT #
  • 1John has much to say in this conversation about Christians bashing other Christians (especially online)… #
  • Okay for the past hour there has literally been an email coming in every 2 minutes. This is crazy. Is my inbox magnetized? #
  • WPA's Christmas Impact is GETTING FULL (78 peeps registered)! So excited about blessing these students!! ~~> http://impactwaterloo.org #
  • I happen to believe that parents need to "get" social media for their kids sake (that's VERY condensed) – what do you think? #
  • Heading out with my wife and kids to scare some seniors with our rendition of Christmas carols. Should b fun! #
  • This is the role I'd love to be filling at WPA (maybe I am…a bit?) ~~> http://bit.ly/6pUrNj #
  • Doing some last minute shopping for christmas with Ker. Nuts. #
  • Kinda not enjoying this shopping. #
  • #regurgitated: Organize Series 2.1.7 Released http://goo.gl/fb/JKaB #
  • Okay my brain is fried after a last push to get the latest update to my WordPress plugin out the door. Gonna go see Avatar for a break. #
  • On my Blog ~~> Organize Series 2.1.7 Released http://ow.ly/16btLj #
  • RePost: Organize Series 2.1.7 Released http://bit.ly/8hvmEV #
  • #avatar ws AWESOME! It livd up 2 the hype. I cracked up whn I saw tht the American Humane Society certed no anmls wre hrmed in the credits! #
  • Christmas impact is ON! Love blessing the international and oop students 🙂 #

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