What I tweeted the past week.

  • On my Blog ~~> What I tweeted the past week. http://ow.ly/16bS9L #
  • If you don't get rid of pride it will get rid of you. #
  • Just realized that the Integrity Christmas Sampler card for 10 free Christmas Songs is only valid in the US Itunes Store 🙁 #
  • gonna run a quick little contest for it 🙂 stay tuned #
  • #youversion christmas tip for windows users? Hold down ctrl+alt+l (lowercase L) for special reading view. #
  • It's always hard focusing at work on the week of Christmas… #
  • Working on the message I'm speaking this Sunday. Working title is, "A Gift worth Receiving"… #
  • You won't really know what it is like to live until you know that you are ready for death. #
  • On my Blog ~~> Want 10 Free Christmas Songs from iTunes? http://ow.ly/16c66h #
  • RePost: Want 10 Free Christmas Songs from iTunes? http://bit.ly/8Y4cFb #
  • My church is memorizing scripture together in the coming year. Here's what my 8yr old daughter wrote… "I signed up too, bring it on" #
  • @human3rror congrats on making lifehacker with your post! ~~> http://lifehacker.com/5432022/ in reply to human3rror #
  • RT @jfarhood: Interesting article on tithing written by an agnostic: http://ow.ly/OAjn #
  • This Abbot and Costello spoof on computers is HILARIOUS! ~~> http://bit.ly/5DBxzS #
  • Here's a great collection of cool looking church/ministry websites ~~> http://ow.ly/OADU #
  • @kentshaffer I want to read what u write! I'm working on a leadership development system for the new year for our volunteers… in reply to kentshaffer #
  • have I said yet how much I'm looking forward to preaching on Sunday? Well I am! Been over a month since I preached last! #
  • Our family just received an anonymous Christmas gift. Totally blown away by their generosity! #
  • @photomatt Inside BlackBerry – the official BlackBerry Blog built on WordPress –> http://ow.ly/OFEJ #
  • On my Blog ~~> What I like most about Christmas http://ow.ly/16cupG #
  • RePost: What I like most about Christmas… http://bit.ly/5US8e6 #
  • RT @DannoDavis: Wpa just got approved as an official podcast on itunes. Should be online in the next few hours. #
  • #youversion releases a new BlackBerry app version that includes reading plans ~~> http://bit.ly/4Nz3yx // SWEET – been waiting for this! #
  • @ScottMagdalein you might like this being that you are a project manager ~~> http://bit.ly/8No8XZ #
  • I may have a scheduled post or two come out but for the next week I'm gonna b pretty quiet online. #
  • At christmas eve service here at WPA – a family affair! #
  • On my Blog ~~> Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and all the fine stuff… http://ow.ly/16dc2O #
  • RePost: Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and all the fine stuff… http://bit.ly/7lH8aa #
  • Somehow I always seem to be fixing my father in laws computer every Christmas 😉 #
  • Today I am reading day 1 of M'Cheyne One Year Reading Plan: http://read.ly/r/O.1.5u #
  • doing some hacking tonight… the external hard drive I got for Christmas works awesome for this!! #

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