Merry Christmas 2010

Hey everyone, I hope your day is going well so far!  I love enjoying this time with my family and friends.  To all my readers, have a blessed Christmas and a very HAPPY New Year! I’ve included for your reading the text of what I shared last night to my church family (modified a bit […]

which has the greater impact?

A while ago I read an interesting article by Miles McPherson on the Catalyst Blog that begins with a great question, If your church closed down tomorrow, would anyone notice? Would there be a negative impact on your community? I think every church has a desire to have an impact in their community.  Even the […]

a perspective on the church

About a month ago I read a great post by my friend John Pellowe touching on the whole subject of competition between Christian Ministries.  You should go read it then come back here.  It prompted a comment from me as follows: I love the position you outline here about competition among ministries and it’s a […]

doing good…

Read this, this morning while doing my daily Bible reading: [blackbirdpie id=”2710111239802880″] On remembrance day this verse takes on extra special meaning.  To all those who did good, gave their lives, and sacrificed for those in need in wars past and who are doing so today in wars present;  I salute you;  I thank you; […]

Evolution of Organize Series

Well folks, if you are a user of the Organize Series WordPress plugin you know the cats out of the bag.  Organize Series 2.2 has finally been released.  This release marks some HUGE changes with Organize Series and I wanted to use this post to highlight some of the major ones. -> YES!  Organize […]

Seth’s Blog: The lesson from two lemonade stands

Some time ago I read this article by Seth Godin,  “ The lesson from two lemonade stands“.  Go read it, then come back here. For the church – what lemonade stand are we? Are we passing out tracts and telling people the “bridge” story or are we loving people and walking with them to the […]

Something I’ve been struggling with

Is there ever a good time to lie?  If you ever want to spark an interesting conversation, this is the question to ask.  If I’m honest with you, it’s a question I struggle with and if you’re honest, I think its something you struggle with too. I always thought the 10 commandments had a “Do […]

Early Adopter Disease

Here’s some symptoms of early adopter’s disease… you subscribe to multiple tech blog feeds.  Even worse, you follow all their twitter feeds.  Even worse than that, you are a fan of their facebook page. Oh and  by “multiple”, I mean so many that you have 100 new posts an hour coming into your feed reader. […]

At the focal point of history…

I read an interesting article a couple weeks ago about a little known guy named Ron Wayne who is actually one of the founders of Apple Computers.   You can read the article for the details on his story but it was fascinating to read some of the comments from this guy who sold away […]