What I tweeted the past week.

  • On my Blog ~~> What I tweeted the past week. http://ow.ly/16gl32 #
  • Are you letting your theology be shaped by books about God or the Bible, God's book? #
  • Could it be that God is a nerd? ~~Bono ~~> http://bit.ly/8tdSno #
  • iNum – One number for the world – Home http://bit.ly/7Z7ndp ~~> This is an interesting service for those with global reach. #
  • Lunch with @DannoDavis. He's cool. #
  • RT @GeoffMHeeg: The spiritual life of furniture…: http://wp.me/pLfl5-9 // looking forward to seeing the end result! #
  • My friend and ministry buddy @GeoffMHeeg has started a blog with his wife! Cool. I've subscribed 🙂 #
  • NOT inviing sme ppl to srv in a mnstry b/c they don't have email and it has a communication requirement. Is that bad? #
  • RePost: What I tweeted the past week. http://bit.ly/6aom32 #
  • Waking up with twitter is like waking up in a noisy camp cabin sometimes 🙂 #
  • Trying some licorice spice tea and it smells good but tastes AWFUL! I'm still shuddering… ughh #
  • @DannoDavis try VLC Media Player -> I've yet to throw a video format at it that it won't play. #
  • Hoping I can do some coding tomorrow. I miss it. #
  • @human3rror u shld practice getting the spelling of WordPress right… 😉 in reply to human3rror #
  • On my Blog ~~> "Strange Fire" http://ow.ly/16iiHc #
  • @mayertanuan I like black licorice too. But something about the tea just didn't agree with me. {shudder} in reply to mayertanuan #
  • putting away the Christmas decorations and listening to some tunes (NOT Christmas music!) #
  • listening to Barlow Girl's Enough (Shoutcast SKY.FM is on) #
  • @danbutcher Can't remember…let me test for ya – give me a sec. in reply to danbutcher #
  • @danbutcher no bulk edits for series (but something I'm looking at implementing) You can use the quick edit for each individual post tho in reply to danbutcher #
  • RePost: “Strange Fire” http://bit.ly/4oSE4V #
  • Heading to the analog words place with my kids. Hoping they'll find some good offline stuff to sign out. #
  • On my Blog ~~> What really matters and how blood and gore makes me queasy… http://ow.ly/16iU5L #
  • RePost: What really matters and how blood and gore makes me queasy… http://bit.ly/8RZVFh #
  • #youversion has been down a lot lately when I try to access it. Hoping its not a major problem! #
  • #youversion has bn inconsistent for me today. A sign of scaling issues? When its down I realize how dpndnt I've become on it (using bb app) #
  • RT @deniseboettger: another good morning at church! God Reigns! #
  • At prayer for the blessing service tonite. Can't wait for this service! Looking forward to praying God's blessing for people's lives! #

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