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I will admit.  I’m kind of a stats freak.  I like keeping track of things and seeing changes happen.  Even though that is something I like though, I’m not into blogging for the numbers.  Still, to me, numbers are cool.

With that said,  as I continue my series on “Looking Back, Looking Forward“, this post flows out of what I wrote at the beginning this year:

I plan on posting more frequently here at – I think there is room for more Canadian Tech and Ministry bloggers out there.

What happened:

In 2009 I wrote and published 123 posts.  In 2010 I wrote and published only 46 posts.  So I guess I failed in this task.  Here’s some other 2010 stats (I told you I like numbers!):

It was interesting that even though the number of posts I wrote went down, the number of people subscribing to my feed went up.  Further, once Organize Series moved to it’s own site – the average number of people subscribing went up even more.  Still don’t quite know what this means, except perhaps, the people are subscribing because they are seeing less Organize Series related stuff (which has a narrow target audience) and more different types of posts.

Let me say this.  While I could, I’m not out to build an audience with (even thought it may seem like it).  I’m really blogging because it helps to “unfold” my mind and hopefully I can share my journey with others (and learn from them too) along the way.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the interaction and WELCOME it.  But my goal isn’t to see a meteoric rise in numbers.  If it was, I’d probably push a little bit more to get more posts published.  As it is, I’m writing when I’ve got something to say, and the time to get it written.   Maybe someday I’ll become a little bit more focused and will have the goal of reaching more people with this blog (resulting in more posts being published) but this is what seems to work best for me right now.

One more thing, I mentioned last year that I think there’s more room for Canadian Tech and Ministry bloggers out there.  I’m always keeping my eyes open for them,  do any of you have suggestions of blogs/sites to check out?

Also, have you thought about why you blog?  Are you in it to build an audience, for the fun, or like me to just have an outlet for unloading some of the stuff you think about?  OR a bit of all of that?

Oh and one more thing, do you think numbers are cool? 😉

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