Organize Series 2.1.2 released

I’ve just pushed Organize Series 2.1.2 to WordPress/extend/plugins.  This release of the plugin fixes series feeds that weren’t working and also (hopefully) fixes the problems with the_excerpt().

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My name is Darren Ethier. I'm the owner of I'm the father of four children and husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. My passion is technology and it's strategic use in ministry. I also love anything to do with leadership and the wise use of words. I'm also the developer of the popular WordPress plugin Organize Series. Since THAT'S not enough to keep me busy I also work as a core developer for a great plugin called Event Espresso

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  1. Hi Bettina,
    with a quick glance I'm assuming your talking about the Series Navigation Bar? This is not an Organize Series issue but rather the way your post is formatted with the content in that post. Sory I can't give you much more help than that without spending more time than I have to look at the source html for that particular post. If you "cut and paste" the information there are probably some improperly closed tags in the code you pasted.

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