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This update will be short and sweet – we had a late night tonight and I can barely keep my eyes open. Also, we’re getting up at 6am to get an early start on our last work day tomorrow so I want to make sure I get at least a few ours of sleep 🙂 What the guys did:
– Kevin went to preschool in the morning.
– Doug and James went to the plots in the morning.
– Barry did a devotion with the VOH staff in the morning.
– The rest of us continued to work on the school block
– I spent some time in the morning with Pastor Zowa going over Sunday morning’s Service and praying with Him for Sunday.
– Barry, Chris, Kevin and James participated in the after-school program today and were teaching the kids how to play baseball.
– Barry and Alex participated in a radio intervview by CFOS
– We all had supper at house number 1 of the orphanage and what a supper it was! We had a blast meeting with the kids and learning about them. They took our cameras and took pictures all over the house.
I’m about to fall off the couch and drop the laptop from exhaustion – I’m just going to attach the pictures for now.
Picture #1: Is a picrture of the Zimbabwe Construction crew we worked with while here – they were an awesome bunch to work with!!
Picture#2: Here’s the kids from the plots receiving some toys that we passed out as gifts today.
Picture #3: Here’s a picture of one of the “better” houses found on the plots.
Picrture #4: Here’s a picture of where we are in the construction equity.





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Kutenda kusina mabasa kwakafa

Kutenda kusina mabasa kwakafa