Back on Canadian Soil and a Great Surprise!

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We’re back on Canadian Soil! It’s good to be home and we were greeted with a pleasant surprise when some of our family members showed up to welcome us at the airport!
Now comes the difficult part of getting back into life as a Canadian without losing what we’ve learned from our time in Zimbabwe. Our team has already been talking about what we are doing now that we are home and in the coming months you’ll hear more from us. In the meantime we’re just going to take a month to think through what we’ve learned and enjoy our families. In the near future we’ll be announcing when we’ll have a presentation night of pictures and stories of our experiences – and where the Zimbabwe Project goes from here. There’s so much we have to share over and above these reports we’ve been giving you.
One more thing. Alex Pendergast’s bag didn’t arrive with us in Toronto. He’s been told there wasn’t enough room on the plane and they had to leave the bag in London. Keep this in prayer that the bag will arrive safely.
Tatenda! (Thank you)

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Arrival safely in London

Arrival safely in London