“ROAR” or so the Lion says…

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Today was our “R&R” day here in Zimbabwe. We went and visited a place called “Billy Vaughn Game Park” which is located about 30 minutes outside of Harare. The journey through the countryside on the way there was a treat in and of itself. The Zimbabwe countryside is absolutely gorgeous. Many of us had that feeling again where we couldn’t believe we were on the African Continent.
The whole day was spent at the park where we saw a wide variety of African wildlife. Highlights of the day included:
– a one-armed monkey “guiding” us through the park.
– Walking through an animal sanctuary with a wide variety of animals
– Riding Elephants
– Seeing a giraffe that is rarely spotted in the park…and getting close up pictures to boot.
– Getting some close up time with a lion named Brian and hearing some lions roar!! Heartpounding…
– Canoeing on an African river in some Canadian made canoes!
Of course between the 8 of us we got a huge amount of pictures and we’ll have fun showing them when we get home. I’ve just included a few for your perusal. Many of us are starting to get antsy about getting home but we still are looking forward to visiting an orphanage tomorrow and distributing some of the items we brought with us there.
Here’s a very small sampling of some of the pictures we took today:
1. Barry and Chris and Scott on elephants
2. A very very LARGE elephant bore down on us while we were waiting for the ones we were going to ride on. It was both a little bit frightening and exhilerating at the same time.
3. Doug with a horse. For those of you who know him, you’ll know Doug’s affinity with horses.
4. Kevin and Doug on an elephant.
5. King of the Jungle
6. Scott’s new friend…the one armed monkey!
7. Alex and me on an elephant
8. James on an elephant.
That’s the report for today folks!

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