The Cable Guy…

No, this isn’t anything related to the movie but I thought it was a “pull-in” title so I used it.? Disappointed?? Shoot me. (well actually please don’t).

The title really refers to two interviews I participated in with two local cable companies regarding the Zimbabwe 2007 Project I am a part of.? The first interview was with Persona Cable News Channel 6, where I was interviewed for a 1:30 minute slot to promote one of our fund-raisers.? Needless to say it went pretty fast.? Laurita (think I got the name right) was the girl who interviewed me and she did a great job.? I wish I had a video I can post but unfortunately it’s not available.? Oh well.

The next interview was in Owen Sound for a Rogers Cable program called “Faith Works”. ? Rev. David Shearman, the pastor of Central United Church in Owen Sound is the host of the show and he shared with me that the program tells stories about people of faith working out their faith in their lives.? He invited two of our team members to come to be interviewed after reading about our project in the Owen Sound newspaper.? James Giles, and myself went along as representatives from the Zimbabwe 2007 team.? We had a good time talking about what got us the Zimbabwe 2007 project started and had lots of opportunities to emphasize how we are going to serve the Village of Hope.

While the coverage area of both programs won’t be huge – at least it is an opportunity to spread the news about this very worthwhile cause.? If any of you readers live in either the Hanover or Owen Sound area and happen to see either interview, leave a comment to this post!

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