Family Day in Zimbabwe!

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Today we attended worship at Hope Community Church for the morning service. We were thrilled that some of the workers we had invited to church attended this morning – it was great that they joined us for the service.
I had the wonderful privilege to preach this morning and it was a real neat experiencing preaching with a translator. Pastor Zowa translated for me and he did a great job. Following the service we joined in with Hope Community Church’s Family Day. Our group was split up and two of us went to each team that was set up for family day (Blue, Red, Black, White). There were over 250 participants and at first it was quite a bedlam on the property as it appeared that no one knew what they were doing. But as the day went on we realized that they were a lot more organized than we thought. We had fun participating in all the sports and activities although most of us were pretty tired when the day was done.
It was kind of an emotional day for many of us as well as we realized that this would most likely be the last time we’d see alot of the people there. We exchanged our addresses with many people as we said our goodbyes.
That’s it for this update! Here’s some pictures:
1. The people who won the “prizes from Canada”. Each pair from our group had to pick a person from the team we belonged to who demonstrated the most “team spirit”.
2. Chris and Doug in the tug of war
3. A picture of the crowd.
4. James and Scott in the tug of war.
5. Kevin playing volleyball
6. Me in the tug of war.
7. Alex flying a kite with the kids.
8. Barry in the tug of war
9. Me preaching

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